VP Racing VP Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil 2.6 oz

VP Racing Fuels

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VP full synthetic 2-stroke oil gives your small engine equipment superior protection and industry-leading performance. It protects your 2-cycle engine components from excessive wear, reduces carbon build-up, and cleans piston rings. It's the perfect 2-cycle oil if you prefer to mix your own oil and gas.

You'll have confidence in your equipment's performance because our 2 stroke full synthetic oil is JASO FD certified. We blend our 2T oil with fuel stabilizers and a metal deactivator, providing your power equipment with corrosion protection from ethanol. Over time, ethanol can cause serious damage to small 2-cycle engines.

VP synthetic 2 stroke oil provides you with easier starts and low smoke.

VP also offers a cutting-edge line of high-octane ethanol-free 2 and 4-cycle small engines fuels. We design our ethanol-free fuels from higher-grade base stocks. They keep your hard-working, high-RPM small engines running at peak performance.

Key Performance Benefits

VP’s full synthetic 2-cycle engine oil features many advantages, including:

Industry-leading detergency
Carbon-free, clean piston rings
Easy starting and also low smoke
Advanced fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh 12 months
Metal Deactivator protects from corrosive effects of ethanol in pump gas
Full synthetic base stocks for wear protection
Exceeds all industry standards JASO FD Certified #001VPR001
CRC test rating 8.85 best in class
Works in all 2-cycle air-cooled engines
Multi-mix formula for 50:1 oil and 40:1 oil applications

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