Aladdin Lamps Lamp Fuel


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Aladdin Lamp Oil: New and Improved Formula, Clean Burning Fuel with no Kerosene Odor. The finest quality fuel for Aladdin Lamps, both old and new. The best alternative to K-1 Grade Kerosene for heating and lighting.

Please DO NOT use liquid paraffin as fuel in your Aladdin Oil Lamps as it will damage the Burner, Wick and Mantle.

NOTE: from the experts... When using ordinary 1-K kerosene, we suggest cleaning the wick every 3rd night after approximately 12 to 15 hours of burning. Clues are the wick is difficult to light and the wick tip feels rough and gritty.

This premium quality lamp oil is specially formulated to provide maximum light output, improved wick life and clean burning characteristics with minimal odor when used in Aladdin Brand Incandescent Mantle Lamps.


World's Finest Lamp Oil

No Kerosene Odor

Burns clean

No smoke

Highest light output

Lasts for years when stored in a dark, dry location

The only fuel authorized for Aladdin Lamps

Works in any flat wick lamp or kerosene lamp or lantern

The best alternative to K-1 Kerosene for heating - lighting

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