GoGreen Power Hercules 8pc Work Display

GoGreen Power

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The best flashlight is one you can depend on in any situation, in whatever circumstances have literally left you in the dark. For those go-to moments, the Hercules flashlight from GoGreen is the best friend you could ever hope for; a 300 lumen side kick for your darkest hours.

Designed for power and versatility, the Hercules is excellent for virtually any situation, whether it be a helpful guide in a dark basement or your sole source of light on an overnight outdoor excursion. With a 360-degree swivel hook and belt clip, the Hercules is always by your side for whatever you need.

With a rechargeable battery w/power indicator, you can use the 1.5 foot USB cord (included) to charge up both indoors or virtually anywhere on the go! The Hercules also sports a premium magnetic base and a rubberized matte finish, making it not only stylish but incredibly durable.

Although some people may tell you not to go out after dark, you can charge into the great unknown and take on any challenge with the Hercules flashlight by GoGreen at your side!

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